Professional Grade, Third Party Tested Supplements that we actually use in practice, available to you now. We test levels in real people and see the results in real life from our supplements. We're sharing our favorites and our protocols right here with you!
acne supplements

Acne Bundle

Because your skin must be supported from the inside out.
A bottle of B Complex supplements

B Complex

You won't B tired when you take this one
Co Q10


This antioxidant is one of the best ways to recharge the batteries in every cell of your body.
D hist


Our favorite supplement for seasonal allergy sufferers
DAO supplement

DAO enzyme

DAO is an MVP when it comes to breaking down food-derived histamine.
digestive enzyme supplement

Digestive Enzymes

One easy-to-swallow capsule that helps you optimize gut health by improving your digestion of protein, fats, and carbohydrates at each meal.
gut health supplements

Gut Health Bundle

Our 3 most popular gut health supplements bundled together for a 10% savings.
Gut Health Rebalance

Gut Health Rebalance

The perfect synergy of ingredients to soothe and improve the gut lining FAST.
histamine supplements

Histamine Bundle

Three of our favorite supplements that support histamine intolerance bundled together for savings.
Magnesium glycinate

Magnesium Glycinate

The calming mineral we may need more of in our life…
male fertility supplements

Male Fertility Supplement Bundle

This dynamic duo provides antioxidant cell protection for better sperm quality.


Recondition your gut microbiome with just one capsule per day.
microbiome supplement

Microbiome Balance

A synergistic blend of herbs to gently rebalance the gut.
mitocore supplement


The vitamin for energy (mitochondria!)


NAC is the real MVP for hormone and metabolic health...
Omega 3

Omega 3

You CAN have your fish oil and eat it too…


There’s a reason we call it magic period dust…
PCOS supplements

PCOS Supplement Bundle

Our most popular supplements for PCOS bundled together for optimal results & savings.
prenatal ingredients

Prenatal Vitamin

Easy to swallow and tolerate prenatal with a gentle form of iron, plus it includes folate and choline
foundational supplements

Root Foundational Supplement Bundle

Our 3 most prescribed supplements in our 1:1 practice, bundled together for a 10% savings.
Root reset

Root Reset Protein Powder

It’s so much more than a protein powder…
Spearmint Tea

Spearmint Tea

Herbal tea for hormones and taste
turmeric supplement


The natural anti-inflammatory of your dreams…
Vitamin D3 K2

Vitamin D3 K2

You won’t be feeling very sunshiny if you are low in this critical vitamin.


One of the top mineral deficiencies we see in practice…

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