Professional Grade, Third Party Tested Supplements that we actually use in practice, available to you now. We test levels in real people and see the results in real life from our supplements. We're sharing our favorites and our protocols right here with you!

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acne supplements

Acne Bundle

Because your skin must be supported from the inside out.
Adrenal PCOS bundle

Adrenal PCOS Bundle

A bundle of calm


Our favorite adaptogen
A bottle of B Complex supplements

B Complex

You won't B tired when you take this one
B12 boost bottle

B12 Boost

One lozenge per day keeps the fatigue away.
bloating bundle

Bloating Bundle

Our favorite supplements for bloating bundled together with 10% savings.
Cell Recharge

Cell Recharge Multivitamin

The vitamin for energy
Co Q10


This antioxidant is one of the best ways to recharge the batteries in every cell of your body.
digestive enzyme supplement

Digestive Enzymes

One easy-to-swallow capsule that helps you optimize gut health by improving your digestion of protein, fats, and carbohydrates at each meal.
gentle iron

Gentle Iron

Finally an iron that goes down easy
gut health supplements

Gut Health Bundle

Our 3 most popular gut health supplements bundled together for a 10% savings.
gut health protect

Gut Health Protect

Stops diarrhea in its "tracts."
Gut Health Rebalance

Gut Health Rebalance

The perfect synergy of ingredients to soothe and improve the gut lining FAST.
PCOS hair loss supplements

Hair Loss Bundle

Supports hair growth from the inside out.
Hista Pro

Hista Pro

Our favorite supplement for seasonal allergy sufferers
immune support supplement

Immune Support

A blend of immune supporting vitamins & flavonoids.
Low FODMAP prebiotic

Low FODMAP Prebiotic

Feed your good gut bugs without the bloat.
magnesium combo

Magnesium Combo

Three forms of highly absorbable magnesium in one capsule.
Magnesium glycinate

Magnesium Glycinate

Our favorite calming mineral that helps with over 300 functions in the body.
male fertility supplements

Male Fertility Supplement Bundle

This dynamic duo provides antioxidant cell protection for better sperm quality.


Recondition your gut microbiome with just one capsule per day.
metabolism support supplement

Metabolism Support with Berberine

AKA "nature's GLP-1"
microbiome supplement

Microbiome Balance

A synergistic blend of herbs to gently rebalance the gut.

Motility Support

A blend of bioactives that support gastric emptying & promote regularity. One of our favorite supplements for constipation.


NAC is the real MVP for hormone and metabolic health...
Root Omega 3

Omega 3

You CAN have your fish oil and eat it too…


There’s a reason we call it magic period dust…
PCOS supplements

PCOS Supplement Bundle

Our most popular supplements for PCOS bundled together for optimal results & savings.
Root Probiotic


Seven proven probiotic strains that support healthy digestion and immune function.
Resveratrol Plus

Resveratrol Plus

The phytonutrient for stress and hormones
foundational supplements

Root Foundational Supplement Bundle

Our 3 most prescribed supplements in our membership, bundled together for a 10% savings.
Root reset

Root Reset Protein Powder Chocolate

It’s so much more than a protein powder…
SIBO probiotic

SIBO Probiotic

Helps ban the bloat.
sleep support

Sleep Support

A calming blend of minerals and herbs that promote muscle relaxation and more restful sleep.
thyroid supplements

Thyroid Health Bundle

This is the perfect place to start if you are looking to optimize your thyroid function.
thyroid support supplement

Thyroid Support

The perfect synergy of nutrients for thyroid health.
turmeric supplement


The natural anti-inflammatory of your dreams…
Vitamin D3 K2

Vitamin D3 K2

You won’t be feeling very sunshiny if you are low in this critical vitamin.
vitamin D dropper

Vitamin D3/K2 Liquid

Increased energy & improved mood is just a drop away.


One of the top mineral deficiencies we see in practice…