Why Root®?

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We're a team of doctors, dietitians and chefs who are dedicated to treating hormones and gut health at the Root cause. We use functional medicine and food with purpose.
functional dietitians
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What we do

Period problems, PCOS, fatigue, cravings, perimenopause and gut health issues - we've been there.   We've treated thousands of women's hormone issues through their reproductive years and we're ready to share our methods with everyone.
Go Ahead, Pick Our Brain. Take the Assessment!

Our Areas of Focus

Food Sensitivities
Gut Health
Hormone Balance
Period Problems
Skin Health

What we offer

Your Personalized Wellness Plan

We stop the overwhelm from nutrition misinformation and give you what you need to balance your plate, your hormones, and your life through our:

  • Online Assessment and Recommendations
  • Farmacy fully prepared and delivered meals straight from our nutrition recommendations
  • Supplements that we've tested both in a lab AND in our programs - yes, we actually measure real results in our members using these supplements!
  • Online Programs so you can use our steps at your own pace
  • 1 on 1 functional medicine programs via telehealth expanding nationwide

Our Team

Meet our doctors and dietitians

Erica Armstrong
Erica Armstrong

Erica Armstrong

MD, IFMCP, Founder of Root

Author: The PCOS Thyroid Connection. The first book in the U.S. on the connection and root causes of these two conditions.

Hobbies: running, Peloton, walking my dog, playing basketball at the park with my kids - anything active! 

Favorite Food: Dark chocolate

Favorite thing about working at Root: We are constantly innovating and improving and I love hearing everyone’s ideas.

Dr. Armstrong is not currently accepting new consultation members.

Emily Cordes
Emily Cordes

Emily Cordes


Hobbies: Cooking, Fitness, Downhill Skiing, Cycling, Hiking, Gardening, Spoiling my Labrador Retriever

Favorite Foods: Coffee, Dark Chocolate, Tacos (w/ guac!) 

Favorite thing about working at Root: Practicing at Root allows me to truly get to know each person, put the puzzle of symptoms together and then create a solution as a team (Root member/Physician/Dietitian).  This is how I always imagined I would practice medicine.  Plus, I get to work with an awesome team and talk about food all day! 

Cici Carter
Cici Carter

Cici Carter


Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends. Running and lifting weights.  Reading in and outside of book club. Traveling. Helping with home projects. 

Favorite Foods: I’m not the best cook, but I love and often make a dish with organic chicken thighs, sauteed broccoli, and rice. It’s easy and delicious! I otherwise try to stay gluten free and dairy free as much as possible. 

Favorite thing about working at Root: I’m motivated by all the passion my colleagues and I share to help our members feel validated about their healthy journey. At Root, we strive to give our members the tools and resources to empower them to take control of their health. Our members are at the top of the priority list!

Marzena Slater
Marzena Slater

Marzena Slater


Hobbies: Spending time in nature- walks, hiking, skiing, running. Traveling. Reading

Favorite Food: I love Root Farmacy :) . I'm gluten and dairy free- so always looking for healthy substitutions. I love any wild caught salmon dishes, pan sheet veggie recipes, crockpot meals when the weather gets cooler. My heritage is Polish- so dill pickle soup is a delicious staple at our house. 

Favorite thing about working at Root: There are so many things I love about working at Root, that I can't just pick one. At the top of my list- The people I work with, the collegial atmosphere, the common goal of delivering food as medicine to our community and beyond, and of course helping clients recover from years of chronic symptoms with the food as medicine approach.

Working with Dr. Marzena Slater and Amy Masterson has been the most rewarding health experience. Within a month I saw a dramatic reduction in my symptoms and over time they continue to improve.
- Andrea
Gracie Sanchez
Gracie Sanchez

Gracie Sanchez


Hobbies: Biking & cooking or baking with unique ingredients in the kitchen with my kids. I love seeing their reactions! 

Favorite foods: Right now, spicy foods! Spicy ramen bowls or Indian food!

Favorite thing about working at Root: I love our team! Collaborating with a team that has similar goals when it comes to the type of patient care we give is wonderful and transformational!

 Kelsey Stricklen
 Kelsey Stricklen

Kelsey Stricklen


Hobbies: Cooking, Peloton, hiking, paddle boarding, bird watching 

Favorite food: Potatoes in any form or tacos. Favorite meal ever - Root Farmacy salmon cakes!

Favorite thing about working at Root: Helping people sort through all of the confusing and conflicting nutrition information out there and figuring out what works best for THEIR body.  I also love our team approach! Being able to collaborate with other providers on each case is so helpful

Kelsey's advice has been very helpful in tweaking things for me to make this a long-term way of living, not a quick fix or "diet".
- M.Q.
Amy Masterson
Amy Masterson

Amy Masterson


Hobbies: Cooking, hiking, camping
Favorite food: Can't decide between tacos & potatoes

Favorite thing about working at Root: Always trying to do the right (actually helpful, sustainable) thing even if it's not the sexy thing
Employer who understands overall health and stress management
Working with other amazing women
Always a lot of exciting things going on

Lindsey Dubey

Lindsey Dubey

Health Coach

Hobbies: Going on adventures with my partner and my dog, Isabelle aka Isabellyrub, movement/fitness of all kinds, cooking, baking, cozying up on the couch with a good book and going to shows!

Favorite Foods:  So many to list. I love food and I love cooking. Staples in our house are homemade beet or sweet potato gnocchi with homemade pesto from the garden, chicken curry and taco night! 

Favorite thing about working at Root: Being surrounded with like-minded people who are focused on hearing people's stories and helping them to truly heal from within.