Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept insurance?

Root is an insurance-free practice. We work in partnership with you and not your insurance company. We develop personalized treatment plans that work specifically for you with your unique genome, environment, lifestyle, and preferences. We don’t base treatments simply on what is covered. This allows us to maintain transparency, a hassle-free and calming environment without anxiety about unknown bills. At Root, you are investing in your long-term health, and we spend the time needed to focus on you and prevention of illness. We are happy to give you a receipt that you may choose to submit to your FSA/HSA. You can read more about why we are insurance-free here.
What is farmacy?

Root farmacy is a weekly meal subscription offering 5-10 fully prepared, healthy meals a week that are perfect for fitting a functional elimination diet or for blood sugar balance and PCOS. These meals are designed straight from our food plans we use 1:1 with our clients. You do not need to be a current Root client in one of our plans to subscribe!
Can you be my primary care physician?

Root is a Functional Medicine specialty practice and not set up for primary care. You can still expect a therapeutic partnership and that we will spend the time to know your medical history and family history, but we cannot be listed as your PCP and do not contract with insurance companies to provide primary care. We do require our clients to have a separate PCP listed for acute concerns and routine insurance-based physicals and screenings. We are happy to communicate any findings and treatment plans with your PCP with your permission.

Meal Plan

I'm not in West Michigan. Can you ship meals?

We are currently shipping throughout the state of Michigan! Please click here to join our mailing list for updates on when and where we’re expanding or services.
How is your packaging?

Our food container and label are 100% recyclable. Kent county accepts #5, rinse the container and lid when you’re finished using it, pop it in your recycling bin, and you’re good to go! 

Our shipping boxes are recyclable.

Our ice packs liners are recyclable, remove the inside gel put in trash, it’s biodegradable and recycle the plastic liner. Or, re-use!

Our shipping liners are compostable and the inside completely dissolves in water. It’s pretty cool – take a look here.
What if I don't pick up (for local pick up members)?

If you are unable to pick up your meals by Thursday evening, we will donate or compost them.
How do I get my meals? (Hours available for local pick up)

Monday subscriptions: Meals can be picked up from Root Farmacy at 1003 Lake Dr. SE, Grand Rapids, MI on Monday 4pm-6:00pm and Tuesday 9am-6:00pm
Tuesday subscriptions: Meals can be picked up from Root Farmacy at 1003 Lake Dr, SE on Tuesdays 4pm-6:00pm and Wednesdays 9am-6pm.
Your meals are cooked fresh on the day of your subscription – this means Monday meals are not ready until 4pm on Monday and Tuesday meals are ready at 4pm on Tuesday.
Do I have to be in a Root program to order Root Farmacy?

You do NOT have to be in a clinical program. Root Farmacy is open to everyone who wants to order healthy meals! This gives everyone access to our nutrition recommendations in the form of delicious food.
Can I choose my meals?

Yes, you can, but you don't have to! We pre-select meals for the week based on diet and plant diversity optimal for gut health. You can switch any of them out for a different meal before checkout. 

You can also manage any of your subscriptions using the login on the top right corner. If you do not login to change your meals by Wednesday at 11:59pm, you will receive the top meals of the week. 
When do I need to place my order, cancel or hold my subscription for the following week?

Order, Pause, Cancel by Wednesday at 11:59pm EST the week prior.
You can pause your subscription by clicking the “Pause” button in your account.
Please log in to your account to cancel or pause your orders.
Can I view the menu before signing up?

Yes! You can view the upcoming menu here. Place your oder by 11:59pm on Wednesday.