Work virtually 1:1 with a functional medicine doctor and dietitian


Skip the guesswork and experience true healing.

We connect you with a dedicated care team of functional medicine experts to uncover the root causes of your health concerns and create a personalized plan for lasting wellbeing.

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How It Works


of members improved their symptoms for energy, gut health, joint pains, hormone balance, metabolism, skin, and more.

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    Intake visits

    with doctor and

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    Follow up

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    Ongoing support

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We're a membership based practice so you can experience real change with consistent support.

Ideally functional medicine is in your life year after year, but you can start with just 3 months.

  • Month 1

    Apply & Share Your Story

    Tell us everything! We want to know you as a whole person.

    • Have your first virtual visit with your functional medicine doctor.
    • Have your first virtual visit with your functional medicine dietitian.
    • Complete your blood testing (exact tests will be discussed during your first visit).
  • Month 2-3

    Lab Interpretation & Initial Wellness Plan

    Your care team looks for insights based on your unique circumstances.

    • Get in-depth interpretation of your blood testing.
    • Receive a personalized Wellness Plan that addresses your root causes, recommends supplements, and helps you set goals.
    • Visit with your doctor and dietitian up to one hour
  • Month 4-5

    Functional Testing & Work Towards Goals

    Investigate further with detailed functional testing while making progress toward goals.

    • Complete functional testing.
    • Access the Root community, digital meal planning, and relevant webinars.
    • Enjoy unlimited messaging with your dedicated care team.
    • Monthly members only events on trending functional medicine topics
  • Month 6-7

    Celebrate Progress & Troubleshoot

    By now you’re seeing real progress and it’s time to fine tune.

    • Visit with your doctor and dietitian up to one hour
    • Work with your care team to troubleshoot areas still needing improvement.
    • Additional tests are ordered if needed.
    • Ongoing updates are made to your Wellness Plan to keep you on track.
  • Month 8-11

    Master Your Wellness Plan

    This is when you really feel the difference your efforts have made, and others are likely noticing too!

    • Visit with your doctor and dietitian up to one hour
    • Check in with your care team as needed for one-on-one support.
    • Lean on the Root community for ongoing encouragement from others going through the process
    • Access premium educational content including digital meal plans.
  • Month 12

    A New You

    You’ve leveled up your health with most of your issues having been resolved.

    • Visit with your doctor and dietitian up to one hour
    • Have annual reassessments with your doctor and dietitian.
    • Discuss advanced testing options such as genetic analysis and cancer screening.
    • Live your life with new vitality, energy, and freedom.

Issues We Commonly Treat

at the Root Cause

  • Autoimmune

    Hashimoto's Thyroid, Celiac, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogren's, Grave's, etc.

  • Gut Health

    Irritable bowel syndrome, Chron's

  • Metabolism

    Optimize blood sugar balance, food cravings, weight loss

  • PCOS

    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

  • Skin Health

    Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis

  • Food Sensitivities

    Using advanced testing and Root proprietary nutrition protocols

  • Hormone Balance

    Irregular periods, PMS, endometriosis, perimenopause

  • Thyroid

    Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, thyroid hormone optimization

Not sure of the origin of your symptoms? We are here to help solve the mystery!

Apply today! Limited openings remain for personalized care with our functional medicine experts.

What's Included

Root’s proven process for health optimization and root cause treatment.

Your Own Dedicated Care Team
  • IFM-certified doctor (MD or DO)
  • Functional Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)
  • Always one-on-one
Online Visits
  • Expect about 5 visits with your doctor and 5 visits with your dietitian over the course of the year
  • All visits included in membership
  • Easy online scheduling
  • Guaranteed appointment availability within the first month, or your first month is free!
Access to Advanced Diagnostics
Unlimited Messaging
  • No limit to online messaging
  • Message your personal care team directly
Personalized Wellness Plan
  • Get organized with a clear plan to address your root causes
  • Nutrition & supplement recommendations
  • 20% discount on Root supplements
  • Realistic goal setting
An Expert Functional Medicine Community
  • Meal plans
  • Online courses
  • Monthly members only webinars & discussions on trending functional medicine topics.


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Monthly Payment Plan

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Minimum 3 months
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  • HSA/FSA eligible
  • Billed monthly or annually
Membership does not cover the cost of laboratory tests. However, members have access to our negotiated low prices, up to 90% off conventional rates. Your Root doctor will collaborate with you during your first visit to determine which diagnostics are right for you.

Our Members LOVE Root

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The Root Difference

We are able to help in ways others are not.

We see many people who have tried multiple doctors and treatments before becoming Root members.

Board certified doctors

Advanced training in functional medicine

High appointment availability

Long appointment times

Dietitian included

Transparent pricing

Advanced testing & interpretation

Dedicated care team

root logo

Build a 1-on-1 relationship

All providers are IFM Certified

Low patient-to-doctor ratios

5x longer than the average doctor visit

Dietitian included in membership

No surprise bills

Up to 90% off conventional costs

We work together to care for you

Conventional medicine

No consistent care team

Hard to find

Long wait times for appts.

Average of 15 minutes

Separate practice/clinic

Insurance model is opaque

Difficult to access

No support

Other online holistic programs

High competition for appts.

Low availability

High patient-to-doctor ratios OR no doctor involved in care

Limited by number of patients

Extra fees for dietitian visits

Extra fees for doctor visits

High testing fees

Messaging triaged by admins

root logo

Conventional medicine

Other online holistic programs

  • Board certified doctors
    Build a 1-on-1 relationship

  • Advanced training in functional medicine
    All providers are IFM Certified

  • High appointment availability
    Low patient-to-doctor ratios

  • Long appointment times
    5x longer than the average doctor visit

  • Dietitian included
    Dietitian included in membership

  • Transparent pricing
    No surprise bills

  • Advanced testing & interpretation
    Up to 90% off conventional costs

  • Dedicated care team
    We work together to care for you

  • Board certified doctors
    No consistent care team

  • Advanced training in functional medicine
    Hard to find

  • High appointment availability
    Long wait times for appts.

  • Long appointment times
    Average of 15 minutes

  • Dietitian included
    Separate practice/clinic

  • Transparent pricing
    Insurance model is opaque

  • Advanced testing & interpretation
    Difficult to access

  • Dedicated care team
    No support

  • Board certified doctors
    High competition for appts.

  • Advanced training in functional medicine
    Low availability

  • High appointment availability
    High patient-to-doctor ratios OR no doctor involved in care

  • Long appointment times
    Limited by number of patients

  • Dietitian included
    Extra fees for dietitian visits

  • Transparent pricing
    Extra fees for doctor visits

  • Advanced testing & interpretation
    High testing fees

  • Dedicated care team
    Messaging triaged by admins

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Member Stories

Member Ashna

Ashna represents a potential outcome that a typical Autoimmune Disease patient might experience with Root.

Autoimmune Disease

Ashna - 34

Her Symptoms:

Joint Pain & Swelling Fatigue Brain Fog

Her Outcomes:

Ashna completed a personalized anti-inflammatory protocol with the Root team, guided by a custom blood panel, microbiome testing, and knowledge of the expert functional medicine team at Root. By identifying food sensitivities and optimizing gut health, she was able to reduce her system wide inflammation score by over 70% and said “I didn’t realize it was possible to feel this good.”

Read Ashna's Journey
Member Tom

Tom represents a potential outcome that a typical Health Optimization/ Thyroid member might experience with Root.

Health Optimization/ Thyroid

Tom - 54

His Symptoms:

Fatigue Brain Fog Anxiety Acid Reflux

His Outcomes:

Through the Root lab panel, Tom found out he was in the early stage of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. He completed advanced gut health testing to identify the Root cause of his Hashimoto’s and then implemented a personalized gut healing regimen with the Root team. By month 3, both his wife and coworkers were commenting about how “he seemed like a different person.” He was grateful to have his mental clarity and energy back.

Read Tom's Journey
Member Gabriella

Gabriella represents a potential outcome that a typical Gut Health member might experience with Root.

Gut Health

Gabriella - 42

Her Symptoms:

Bloating Diarrhea Fatigue

Her Outcomes:

Gabriella identified the root cause of her bloating and diarrhea thanks to the comprehensive microbiome testing in the Root membership. She worked with the doctors and dietitians to create a realistic diet, supplement (to correct nutrient deficiencies and gut imbalances), and lifestyle plan. She finally “feels like herself again.”

Read Gabriella's Journey

Stop chasing symptoms and start addressing the root cause of your health issues.

We Don’t Take Insurance

(And That’s a Good Thing!)

We work in partnership with you instead of your insurance company.

woman with juice

More Personalized Care

We base treatments on what is best for each individual with their unique genome, microbiome, and lifestyle, without insurance-based restrictions.

One-on-One Relationships

There’s nothing getting in between you and your care team. It’s a true partnership.

More Time

Insurance typically reimburses 15-minute doctor visits. We spend up to an hour with you, so we can understand what’s happening in your life.

woman with dog

Access to Advanced Care

Root doctors offer the most advanced testing. Being insurance-free allows us to keep a small number of members per doctor and dietitian so we have the time and space to interpret this testing for you and create a data driven wellness plan.


We decide together which tests are important for you and spell out the costs. No surprise bills or guessing games about what insurance will cover.


There are no restrictions for how or where your care can be given. We get to meet you where you are with our virtual model.

Read more about why Root is insurance-free

Experience a holistic and comprehensive approach to improving health.

Root is Available in Most States

Coming Soon

We’re currently available in these states

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Iowa
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

And we're working to add them all

Don’t see your state here? Let us know about your interest and we’ll work with you and let you know when your state is available.

*By providing my email I agree to receive communication from Root which I can opt out of at any time.


What's Included in the Root Membership?

All visits with your functional medicine MD/DO and dietitian nutrionist are included at no additional cost or co-pay. You will be able to have your first appointment in the first month of your membership (unlike many other online practices!) You will see both the doctor and dietitian a minimum of 3-4 times over the year and will be fully supported with direct messaging & community access between visits. 

What's Included:
  • Online Visits with a Functional Medicine Specialist MD/DO
  • Online Visits with a Functional Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Access to the Root Community
  • Meal Plans
  • Educational Courses
  • Members only webinars and group events
  • Messaging your care team directly (NOT a triage team where your care team may never see the message!) 
Can I just pay per visit?

Root is set up as a membership practice because, if we were to be able to offer "one off" visits, we would have thousands of people per doctor trying to get in for short appointments (just like every other "one visit" model out there) and we wouldn't be able to see the real change and support that we value at Root. Pay per visit patient panels average 2700 patients per doctor. Being a membership practice allows Root to have less than 10% of that volume, for more individualized treatment plans and support.

The minimum commitment to work with our expert team of functional medicine doctors & dietitians is 3 months. In three months you can expect a thorough intake process and initial visits with both your doctor and dietitian, lab testing and results, and a follow up visit with both your doctor and dietitian to create your data driven wellness plan.  Stay on monthly after this so that we can support you and ensure your success, retest or dig deeper as needed.

Full transparency: The bottom line is that a pay per visit model leads to shorter, more expensive visits, little to no support in between (which is when the magic happens - 90% of health occurs outside the visit), and therefore less likely for a successful result. We're a membership model because we care about results, and we care about helping you succeed.

BTW: A Root membership saves our members thousands of dollars every year by reducing doctor's visit costs & lab costs, and by treating issues at the Root cause avoiding unnecessary procedures and high cost medications.

Can I use my FSA/HSA card?

Yes - we accept both HSA and FSA cards. It is important to note that we always recommend that our members reach out to these entities directly for questions, as guidelines can vary per your administrator. 
How do I know if you can help me?

We have treated thousands of members at Root and our data shows that 98% of people improve their overall symptom score including symptoms for energy, gut health, joint pains, hormone balance, metabolism, skin, and more.

Being to multiple practitioners and "trying everything before" is the rule rather than the exception when people sign up as new members. While it's definitely not a requirement to try different treatments before joining Root, nearly everyone tells us this before signing up. Yet we still help them. Why?

  • We use advanced testing that you likely have not had access to before.
  • Our Functional Medicine MD/DOs interpret that testing for you. Read why this is a game changer here.
  • The Root approach means assessing you as a whole person with one connected mind and body. We've refined and measured our approach over the past 5+ years.
  • You have multiple experts rooting for you - a doctor and a dietitian. Plus, we collaborate weekly and discuss any challenging cases amongst our team of experts.
  • The ongoing membership gives you the time and space to heal, and support like you've never experienced before.
There are three conditions that we do not treat at Root (MCAS, active cancers, and Lyme disease). However, we've also helped people identify that they may have these conditions, and referred them to the appropriate specialist through our expansive Root network. 
What's NOT included in the Root Membership?

Labs: Labs are available at additional, transparent, lower pricing than insurance-based labs. A perk of being insurance-free is the availability of lower transparent pricing and NO surprise bills. Can you remember a time when you thought insurance was paying for testing, but instead you received a bill for thousands of dollars? That does not happen at Root.

You can create a login to view our lab prices.

Advanced functional medicine testing like gut microbiome, hormones, cortisol, mold, toxins, food sensitivity, breath testing, and much more are also available at direct transparent prices. Your doctor and dietitian team will be there for you to sort through the noise of what would actually be helpful in YOUR unique case and they will help you interpret those results and use the data to put a plan in action.  No more wasted time/money on tests that don't mean anything for you! Instead, you'll gain insights about your body from data you've never had access to before and a plan using that data.

Most people can plan on spending between zero and $500/year on additional lab testing.

Supplements: Root members are offered 20% off supplements from the Root store, but are never required to purchase supplements from Root. These are offered to ensure quality, professional grade supplements that have been tried and tested in our practice (including measuring lab values for those taking our supplements!) as well as member convenience.

Have questions? Complete our application form to request a free consultation.