Our Virtual Membership Program

What to Expect

Month 1

Complete Root’s Comprehensive Intake Assessment

Your dedicated functional medicine team will review your intake entries before your first visit.

First Doctor & Dietitian Visits 60 Minutes Each

Our team hears your whole story from the beginning. We put the pieces together. We order your Root wellness panel plus any additional pertinent lab testing (at a discounted, transparent price). We send your initial wellness plan.

Root Team Communicates & Collaborates

We discuss your individual case and how we can holistically support you.

Complete Testing

Head to a lab near you to complete your blood test panel.

Month 2

Doctor & Dietitian Visits to Review Testing 60 Minutes Each

Labs are interpreted by both of your clinicians from a functional medicine and nutrition perspective.

Your Wellness Plan is Optimized

Data makes the difference. Your life-changing plan is based on your unique data and test results.

Implement Your Personalized Plan

Root is here for you every step of the way with support from community & digital meal plans & educational courses. Message your clinical team as needed.

Month 3

Dietitian Visit 30 Minutes

Assess how your implementation of your wellness plan is going, your symptoms, your relationship with food, and troubleshoot and optimize your wellness plan progress.

Connect the Science

Your dietitian will connect the science with your symptoms and personalize your next steps, including recommending additional advanced functional medicine labs.

Advanced Functional Testing

Decide with your doctor and dietitian team if additional testing would be helpful. Hormone, cortisol, microbiome, gut health, heavy metals, micronutrients, MRT food sensitivity testing, mold, and more are available at transparent pricing. The options at Root are endless.

Month 4

Complete Your Functional Testing

Advanced functional medicine testing can take up to 4 weeks for results. Your team will review this and discuss your case within our team of experts before we meet again.

Lean On Your Community for Ongoing Encouragement

Revisit our digital meal plans to help you out of a food rut. Download our checklists to keep you on track. Chat with like-minded individuals going through this process.

Month 5

Doctor Reassessment 30-60 Minutes

Review additional lab testing results. Update Wellness Plan with your new data in mind.

Month 6

Dietitian Reassessment 30 Minutes

Reassess labs that were abnormal to show your progress.

Repeat Testing

Your dietitian will order testing if needed.

Wellness Plan Optimization

Ongoing updates will be made to your Wellness Plan to keep you on track.

Month 7

Doctor Reassessment 30-60 Minutes

Review lab testing, update supplement protocols, assess progress.

Month 8-11

Implement Wellness Plan

Check-in with your dietitian as needed for 1:1 support. Lean on your community, digital meal plans, and educational content. Message your team as needed.

Month 12

Annual Reassessments with Doctor & Dietitian 60 Minutes Each

Annual comprehensive screening labs with possibility to add additional testing that you can’t get anywhere else.