Meal Plans

Fully prepared, fresh and never frozen Root Farmacy® meals.

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Eating functional gluten-free, dairy-free foods has never been easier. Receive 6 or 10 meals per week. 
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Doctor and dietitian designed ready to eat meals.

Balance your plate. Balance your hormones. Balance your life.

  • Protein, Fat, Carb (PFC) balance for blood sugar stabilization and insulin resistance.
  • High fiber for bowel regularity: key for estrogen/progesterone balance.
  • Rich in nutrients important for PCOS/thyroid such as B12, zinc, selenium, and iron.
  • Anti-inflammatory: full of antioxidants, polyphenols, and other phytonutrients 
  • Plant diversity every week to promote microbiome diversity.
  • Whole Foods (each meal is at least half vegetables and contains a good source of healthy fat and protein).
  • Free of gluten and dairy.

Shipping meals prepared the same day with fresh, nutrient dense ingredients!

Fresh, weekly Root Farmacy® meals are available for pick up in Grand Rapids, or shipped to your door.

See if we deliver in your area.

Choose a weekly meal plan to get started.


Meals Per Week

$94.00 / Week


  • Pickup or Delivery from Root Farmacy
  • Available Mondays and Tuesdays
  • Select next week’s meals until 11:00pm EST on Wednesdays, allowing us time to source fresh local ingredients.
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Meals Per Week

$147.00 / Week


  • Pickup or Delivery from Root Farmacy
  • Available Mondays and Tuesdays
  • Select next week’s meals until 11:00pm EST on Wednesdays, allowing us time to source fresh local ingredients.
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Time slots may be limited


We bridge the gap between healthcare and the food industry.

These meals were thoughtfully designed after seeing countless people in our functional medicine programs improve their health through our nutrition protocols.

See what to expect

  • Improved energy
  • Improved digestion
  • Stop afternoon hunger
  • Save time
  • Reduce stress

  • Reduced food cravings
  • Improved skin
  • Improved mood
  • Lose inflammatory weight
  • Reduced brain fog

  • Improved acne
  • Improved hair
  • Regulated periods
  • Improved Egg Quality
  • Reduced bloating and tolerating more foods!

Results are based on the individual and not guaranteed, but this is what we see in our practice. Our food plans are meant to be therapeutic and used for a minimum of 3-4 weeks because we actually want to see you improve. But, most people keep subscribing because they love the food and it makes their lives easier.
"We love the Root meals! Each and every meal is so fresh and bursting with flavor. Portions are plenty and I often have leftovers for the next meal. Thank you for bringing delicious and healthy-with-ease eating into our life!"
- Rebecca

Meal Plan FAQ

Can I view the menu before signing up?

Yes! You can view the upcoming menu here. Place your order by 11:00pm on Wednesday. 
Do your meals fit an AIP or paleo meal plan?

We actually don't recommend the AIP diet in our practice because we end up fixing a lot of problems that stem from it. The main issue is that people get stuck on this diet for months or sometimes years when it was not meant to be a long term diet. This leads to over-restriction, nutrient deficiencies, lack of diversity in the diet, lack of fiber, and importantly, failure to address the root cause and people end up restricting more and more trying to achieve that same initial result. When we test the microbiome of people who come to us after being on the AIP diet, we usually see a severe lack of diversity and beneficial bacteria. 

Our meal plans were built on seeing actual results in our clinical practice (which is something that no other meal company can say!). We follow labs and symptom scores and catch up with people in real time about how our meals make them feel. They also fit a functional diet by removing the most common food sensitivities: Gluten, Dairy, and Soy (and most are egg free too).
Do I have to be in a Root program to order Root Farmacy?

You do NOT have to be in a clinical program. Root Farmacy is open to everyone who wants to order healthy meals! This gives everyone access to our nutrition recommendations in the form of delicious food.
Hours available for local pick up:

Monday subscriptions: Meals can be picked up from Root Farmacy at 1003 Lake Dr. SE, Grand Rapids, MI on Monday 4pm-6:00pm and Tuesday 9am-6:00pm
Tuesday subscriptions: Meals can be picked up from Root Farmacy at 1003 Lake Dr, SE on Tuesdays 4pm-6:00pm and Wednesdays 9am-4pm.

Your meals are cooked fresh on the day of your subscription – this means meals are ready by 4pm on your subscription day.
When do I need to place my order, cancel or hold my subscription for the following week?

Order, Pause, Cancel by Wednesday at 11:00pm EST the week prior.
You can pause your subscription by clicking the “Pause” button in your account. Login at the top right corner to view your account dashboard.

If you need to pause your subscription, we cannot guarantee you'll get back on the same day. If you do not want to give up your meal pick up or ship day, you may choose to donate your meals to a friend instead of pausing your subscription. We're unable to hold spots without meal orders, because this means our team can't do what we love: create delicious, healthy meals!
Do I have to freeze my meals?

No, our meals are fresh, never frozen. They will stay fresh for 7 days from their cook day stored in your refrigerator. You can freeze the meals if you choose to, however. 
What if I don't pick up (for local pick up members)?

If you are unable to pick up your meals by Thursday evening, we will donate or compost them.
Can I choose my meals?

Yes, you can, but you don't have to! We pre-select meals for the week based on diet and plant diversity optimal for gut health. You can switch any of them out for a different meal before checkout. 

You can also manage any of your subscriptions using the login on the top right corner. If you do not login to change your meals by Wednesday at 11:00pm, you will receive the top meals of the week. 
How many servings are your meals?

Each meal is designed to be one serving. You can eat Root meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! We're proponents that breakfast doesn't have to be typical breakfast foods (which are typically high in sugar content). Eating a Root meal for breakfast is a great idea to keep blood sugar balanced all day.
How do I resume weekly meal prep?

You can resume for next week by logging into your account in the top right corner, view dashboard and resume your meal subscription by 11:00pm Wednesday the week before.

If you would like to proceed with resuming your subscription and see a message on your dashboard that your day is full, here is how to re-subscribe:

  • You will see a message with other available day options.
  • From here you can go through your meal selections on an available pick up or ship day.
  • You will need to proceed through payment in order to re-activate your subscription on a new pick up or ship day.
How is your packaging?

Our food container and label are 100% recyclable.  

Our shipping boxes are recyclable.

Our ice packs liners are recyclable, remove the inside gel put in trash, it’s biodegradable and recycle the plastic liner. Or, re-use!

Our shipping liners are compostable and the inside completely dissolves in water. It’s pretty cool – take a look here.
Can you ship meals?

Yes, we can! We are currently shipping throughout the midwest. See if we deliver to your area by typing in your zip code in the space above. Please click here to join our mailing list for updates on when and where we’re expanding or services.
How long are the meals good for?

Our meals are tasty and fresh for 7 days from their cook day (your subscription day). Store them in the refrigerator as soon as possible after receiving them.