Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?

Root is an insurance-free practice. We work in partnership with you and not your insurance company. We develop personalized treatment plans that work specifically for you with your unique genome, environment, lifestyle, and preferences. We don’t base treatments simply on what is covered. This allows us to maintain transparency, a hassle-free and calming environment without anxiety about unknown bills. At Root, you are investing in your long-term health, and we spend the time needed to focus on you and prevention of illness. We are happy to give you a receipt that you may choose to submit to your FSA/HSA. You can read more about why we are insurance-free here.

How do I book an appointment?

Apply to be a new client here and someone from the Root office will follow up shortly!

Can you be my primary care physician?

Root is a Functional Medicine specialty practice and not set up for primary care. Although we value our background in family medicine, in order to optimize a functional medicine practice, we cannot function as a PCP. You can still expect a therapeutic partnership and that we will spend the time to know your medical history and family history, but we cannot be listed as your PCP and do not contract with insurance companies to provide primary care. We do require our clients to have a separate PCP listed for acute concerns and routine insurance-based physicals and screenings. We are happy to communicate any findings and treatment plans with your PCP with your permission.

How do you handle lab costs?

Our proprietary lab panel is included in many of the plans. These labs are optional and can be drawn before your first appointment. Additional labs are a separate cost outside of Root consultation fees. We have contracted with several lab companies to offer the most advanced testing. Some of these companies will work with insurance and you can work directly with the lab company for any insurance information. We also have pricing available for those who choose to forgo submitting their labs through insurance.

How do you handle lab results?

There is a significant amount of education, and interpretation of labs and face-to-face time is important for good discussion and questions and answers when we review lab results. The labs are often integral in modification of your treatment plan. For these reasons, all lab results are reviewed in person at follow-up visits.

What is farmacy?

Root farmacy is a weekly meal subscription offering 5-10 fully prepared, healthy meals a week that are perfect for fitting a functional elimination diet or for blood sugar balance and PCOS. These meals are designed straight from our food plans we use 1:1 with our clients. You do not need to be a current Root client in one of our plans to subscribe!

How can I get more info?

If you’d like more info, please fill in the contact form here.

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