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Announcement: Root has expanded nationwide

Today is a big day for Root and a big day for Functional Medicine. We are proud to announce that we are expanding our online functional medicine program across the country!
Root was founded as a doctor and dietitian functional medicine practice in 2018. While we’ve evolved and created new ways to help people have successful outcomes using what we’ve learned and what people have told us they need, one thing has stayed consistent since day 1: We solve health and wellness issues that are otherwise going unsolved at the Root cause. We do this in our proven process, personalized in our functional medicine membership program.
Root Membership

Root Membership

It's time to finally Get to the Root of your health concerns.

Work with our world class doctors and dietitians online in the most comprehensive  functional medicine membership ever. 

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How It’s Going

Since we’ve started we have paved the way for realistic, sustainable nutrition that reverses insulin resistance, helps balance hormones, and makes people not only feel better, but actually affects everything else in their lives from relationships to being more productive and focused at work.

We’ve connected the dots for hundreds of people who were wondering why they: 
  • feel tired all the time, 
  • are bloated, 
  • can’t lose weight, 
  • have irregular or crampy periods,  
  • have to run to the bathroom after eating,  
  • developed acne, 
  • and so much more. 
We’ve shown people how when you fix the root cause, including rebalancing the microbiome as a foundation, everything seems to improve, even if no one ever told them they were related in the past.

We’ve had many people fly to our HQ in Grand Rapids from all over the country in order to work with us in our functional medicine programs.

Through the years, we also realized that we had to turn down many people that needed help as travel was not realistic for them. It was time to extend our reach through our telehealth.

What Makes Root Different? 

We are realistic thought leaders. 
We don’t ask people to do things that we wouldn’t do ourselves. What you are going through right now, most of us have been there too. Functional medicine has made an impact on our lives personally. 
We also don’t ask people to do things that won’t improve their long term health.
And, we won’t ask you to do things like make $30 muffins with tiger nut flour you have to search the internet to find.
We understand that everyone can use an improvement in nutrition
Yes, everyone. Even people who have better diets than we may have ourselves at times. More diversity in the diet, more personalization based on nutrition markers and microbiome, and sometimes finding a food that is considered healthy is actually a sensitivity for you. We also understand that dietitians are the experts in nutrition. 
We support you. 
Our programs don’t really leave room for you to get too far off track. With regularly scheduled doctor and dietitian visits along with direct messaging access, we are checking in with you, troubleshooting, and helping you navigate the inevitable ups and downs on a wellness journey. Being virtual also helps you attend all of your sessions even if you are traveling, have a busy work day, or just don’t want to get out of your PJs. Plus, you can show us your pantry items and we can meet your dog!
We have the tools to help you succeed.
 Over the years, our team of doctors, dietitians, and chefs have written food plans, stress management tools, vetted the best supplements and even tested members' biomarkers on them. We cared so much about seeing people succeed that we built digital meal plans and recipes using our patented Root Plate™ nutritional chart and method with meals taste tested by hundreds of members.
We have a proven process. 
No worries about what to expect here! We’ve been improving our membership program for the last 5 years.

How Will Root Be Impactful? (A core value for us!)

We know historically functional medicine has been expensive and inaccessible due to very low numbers of certified physicians, and is often a guessing game as to what to expect across different practitioners. As an emerging field over the past decade, there hasn’t been much consistency or validation to help people choose the type of functional medicine doctor or program for them. Instead, people have been left to randomly choose between completely different types of practitioners, where one experience could be vastly different from another, with very different outcomes as well.

We are changing the functional medicine experience.
We’ve been refining our signature programs over the past 4 years, tracking symptom improvements, lab result improvements, and outcomes like:

Improved digestion/gut health, diarrhea, constipation, and bloating
Improved acne and rashes
Restored regular menstrual cycles
Pregnancies after being told unexplained fertility
Reversed autoiummune symptoms
Improved mood and brain fog
and more...

The result of our work the last few years is a proven process that has helped thousands of people whether through our 1:1 consultation programs or by the extensions of that in our food as medicine, supplement protocols, and online education and downloads.

We are making functional medicine not only accessible in the way it fits for your lifestyle, we also make it doable. 

Root programs available nationwide:

foundational supplements

Root Foundational Supplement Bundle

A wellness starter pack

We're always rooting for you!

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