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What's Our Secret Sauce?

In a Root membership, we’ll support you every step of the way from the right testing, the right guidance, to doable steps to start changing your life from day 1.

The Keys to Your Success at Root: (What is Root’s secret sauce?)

Testing for Root Causes 

When you become a Root member, you get access to a menu of advanced testing options (with transparent pricing) you can't get anywhere else. Our doctors and dietitians help you prioritize lab testing based on your main concerns and goals.  When we created Root, we wanted to create a calming environment where you feel supported and one of the ways to do that is for you to know the costs of finding and treating root causes upfront. No more wondering what will be ordered or if it will be covered. We’ve got you. 

Small, personalized membership practice

This means we have the time and space to put your story together, consider your body as communicating systems and explain holistically why your symptoms are present and how we can resolve them at the root cause. A limited number of members per doctor/dietitian also means we can follow your progress closely, and see you in sessions frequently as we develop your wellness plan together.

Ongoing Support 

When is the last time one doctor’s visit changed your life for the better? It’s pretty rare, we hear. That’s why we designed a model to see you and support you regularly, because even the best wellness plans need tweaks for success.
There is no better time. We're rooting for you. 
Root Membership

Root Membership

Work with Root Doctors & Dietitians 1:1 

We connect you with a dedicated care team of functional medicine experts to uncover the root causes of your health concerns & create a personalized plan for lasting wellbeing.  
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