We don’t ask our patients to “weigh in” because we are focused on our patients as whole people and not a number. We are focused on root causes of weight and metabolism, rather than symptoms (weight gain).


When patients weigh in, they are told that they are a number.


We have a different approach. When we transform lifestyles to include healthy living for good, and treat imbalances in hormones, treat inflammation at it’s source, and optimize your nutrition for your unique biochemical makeup, the weight comes off. The weight comes off naturally, and as a side effect of treating root causes. When we treat people this holistic way, not only does the weight come off, but overall health and wellness improves.


People feel well and do not feel deprived. We are focused on optimizing nutrition and not restricting calories. We emphasis replacement of non-nutrient dense foods with whole foods in a variety of colors because the quality of our food matters.


The food that we eat can directly cause inflammation in our body. Inflammation leads to insulin resistance and can make it harder to lose weight. Here’s a study(one of a series of studies measuring inflammation after food/drink consumption) measuring one of the most common inflammatory laboratory markers after subjects ate a sausage egg muffin and hash browns.

When comparing the body’s inflammatory response to the unhealthy meal verses water consumption, the lab markers for systemic inflammation shot up within minutes and stayed elevated for 5 hours.

Not only does food directly lead to inflammation or anti-inflammation, food interacts with our genes. We can turn on and off our genes by changing our diet. This is a field of study called epigenetics and The Human Epigenome Project(after the The Human Genome Project) is a large genetics study currently being funded by the NIH.

Food also changes our microbiome. There is a growing body of research that shows that our microbiome can affect our weight. Studies from antibiotics in childhood(changing the microbiome) and leading to subsequent obesity to studies on changing the gut microbiome and resulting weight loss.

Lastly, are your hormones in check? Chronic stress can keep your adrenals pumping out cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that tells your body to store the food you eat as fat. If you’re cortisol levels are high, we need to address this before you restrict calories (which only makes the problem worse).

Weight gain and weight loss are symptoms of an often complex underlying cause. Without addressing root causes people are bound to continue to yo-yo with weight. So, we treat the weight number like any other biomarker – it’s one data point that we will work together to improve, and monitor after building rapport, but it’s certainly not the whole story, nor the way we want to greet and identify our patients.


If you’re being told to simply eat less and move more, come see us. We’ll support you, partner with you, and find the real reasons you haven’t been able to lose weight and keep it off.

Stay tuned… We’re launching an “Intro to Functional Medicine” approach to healthy weight group very soon! The only program of its kind in West Michigan built on addressing root causes, introducing our community to true functional medicine, and supporting one another with time and space to answer questions from a functional medicine MD and nutritionist.

Email info@rootfunctionalmedicine.com if interested in our group program! Spots will be limited in our pilot program. More details to come!

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