Are you sick of your symptoms dictating the way you live your life? 

Do any of the following apply to you?

    • Are you at your wits end from dealing with chronic stomach problems?
    • Are you tired of having to map out all of the possible bathrooms you can stop at on your 30-minute commute to work because you never know when the urgent need to go might strike?
    • Have you tried doing an elimination diet but were unable to pinpoint any specific foods triggering your symptoms?
    • Do you have chronic migraines or frequent headaches at least 3 times per month that have you held up in bed or unable to think/function normally?
    • Have you been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and are sick of dealing with the daily muscle pain, fatigue, and other comorbidities that go along with it?
    • Do you have an autoimmune condition or chronic joint pain and aren’t getting relief with medication.

If you answered yes to any of these, then you might be a great candidate for a customized anti-inflammatory eating plan via our MRT (Mediator Release Testing) and LEAP (Lifestyle Eating and Performance) program.

#1: The MRT food sensitivity test can be added to any monthly “get to the root” or nutrition package.* Or, purchase the test kit from our shop page.

At your first visit, we will go over your main concerns and have you fill out a symptom survey to see if you are a good candidate for MRT/LEAP. We will also assess your readiness to change as this program can be quite difficult to follow and full compliance is critical to get the best results. 

*MRT lab costs are an additional cost to the monthly packages.

#2: Blood test for 170 different food and chemical sensitivities

If LEAP is a great choice for you, you can pick up a kit in the office and we will assist you in finding a location to have your blood drawn. We also draw MRT labs right at Root. We usually get the results within one week. We don’t have to start the custom plan immediately if you need time to prepare, but suggest starting within 2 weeks.

3#: Start your custom anti-inflammatory eating plan and start feeling fabulous

We will work together to create an eating plan of 30 or so of your lowest reactive foods for 10-14 days to calm your immune system and reduce inflammation.  We will then strategically add foods back in one at a time while closely monitoring for reactions. You will work closely with our dietitians and meet 4-5 times throughout the program (either in person or via telephone or video visit), with email check-ins as needed.  

The LEAP program might be for you if…

  • You are HIGHLY motivated to make major dietary changes for at least 6 weeks.
  • You think your health is worth investing in.
  • There are no foods you wouldn’t be willing to give up for a short period of time (we are talking bread, alcohol, chocolate, and cheese, among many other foods).
  • You are ready to start feeling amazing!
  • You are open to cooking your meals at home and expand your culinary skills.

The LEAP program might NOT be for you if…

  • You don’t see the value in investing in your health.
  • You are unwilling to make major dietary changes for even a short period of time.
  • You are unwilling to cook most if not all of your meals at home for the duration of the program.

We’ll do a comprehensive assessment at your first visit to make sure MRT/LEAP is a good fit for you.  If you have additional questions about MRT/LEAP or any of our nutrition services and testing, please contact us here.


  • Carol says:

    Hi. Does Insurance cover any of your services? I have Tricare Select.

    • Erica Armstrong, MD says:

      Hi Carol! Thanks for your question. Root in an insurance-free practice, but some labs may be covered by insurance. The MRT is not a lab that is typically covered, so we built in the cost of this lab to be included in our MRT/LEAP package therapy. Other labs are an outside cost apart from our services. For more info, check out our FAQ page. We’d be happy to talk with you more about this, please send us a message either via the contact form or email to Thanks!

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