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Histamine symptoms

Histamine Intolerance Healing

***LAST CHANCE SALE*** Enrollment for this course closes on November 29, 2022. This course gives you access to information you won’t find anywhere else on what actually works for histamine. intolerance. This is the ONLY histamine course taught by IFM certified doctors and dietitians with masters level nutrition training. This course includes: 6 weeks of video modules, guides, worksheets, a low histamine food plan and sample recipes.

Root Cause: Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism

We're offering an introductory rate of $197 for Black Friday. Buy the course before it's available and secure your spot at 50% OFF! Access begins December 26.
Weight Course

Root Cause: Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

A functional plan for healthy weight
PCOS Course

The PCOS Symptom Reversal Method

The most comprehensive course for understanding what is driving your PCOS, how to fix it at the root cause, and reverse your PCOS symptoms to feel your best. The ONLY course taught by functional doctors, dietitians and chefs who specialize in PCOS.

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Meal Plans

Need Functional Food Delivered?

Stock your fridge for solid anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense eating. Root Farmacy Meals are gluten-free, dairy-free, balanced for hormones, and free from refined sugar. Fresh, never frozen, and fully prepared, making your next meal ready when you are!

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Need Functional Food Delivered?

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