Functional Medicine

We offer the option to purchase both individual appointments with our Functional Medicine MD and packages that include visits with our MD and our dietitian.

Start here if,

you’d like to learn more about your health for prevention, including reviewing a comprehensive history emphasizing lifestyle factors, with the option for advanced functional medicine testing such as genomics, nutrition labs, and Microbiome and gut health analysis. 

This is also a great start if you’d like to address some health concerns, with adequate time and space to address problems at the root cause. These are appointments with our IFM-trained functional medicine specialist MD.

Functional Medicine Consults

The Initial Intake (75 minutes)

Price: $490


We will review

important medical history and previous work-up

I am here to listen

to your story. Start from the begining

We review

important points on your story and start to plot any known imbalances in the functional medicine matrix.

We assess and make

a selection of further workup and labs to be ordered after patient-physician collaboration.**

Five point plan

We will make a customized five-point plan. Which includes, nutrition, movement, stress and sleep, relationships, and possible supplement recommendations.


At the end our initial intake we will schedule your follow-up appointment

Follow Up Visits

Scheduled for 30 or 60 minutes: $200/30 minutes

  • Review labs in detail.
  • Update your Functional medicine matrix and any imbalances based on lab results.
  • Check-in with your progress.
  • Have your questions answered.
  • Optimize your wellness plan.

* Most patients seeing Functional Medicine MD for consult need at least an initial consult plus 1-2 follow up visits.
** Labs are an additional cost. Please see FAQ

“Get to the Root” Package

Functional Medicine MD consultations
+ Nutrition

Price: $530 x 3 months

This is for those who are truly invested in changing their health. This initial package lasts 3 months, with the option to purchase addition visits with either MD, RD, or both.

We offer ongoing health coaching in a package combined with the MD and RD consultations to support any challenges that arise during your progress, for accountability to your goal, and for practical tips to ease your lifestyle changes.

Our Root Functional Medicine and Nutrition package offers 3 visits with an MD, 3 visits with a Registered Dietitian, and up to weekly messaging check-in health coaching over a three month period.

To schedule doctor visits one at a time.

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To start the “get to the root package”

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Root offers several nutrition services.

For those who simply want to sort through the noise of too much conflicting nutrition information and learn more about healthy eating, or those who are looking for targeted medical nutrition therapy, we have options!

Preventative Nutrition Visit

(60 minutes)

Price: $175

  • Have a micronutrient panel lab drawn before your appointment to target deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and Omega 3s.
  • Review your labs and nutrition goals with Kelsey for targeted diet recommendations.
  • Labs are additional cost and may be covered by insurance. Please contact us with questions.
  • Learn more here!
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Medical Nutrition Therapy

1 Month Package

Price: $290

  • 1-(60-minute) detailed nutrition assessment and nutrition plan
  • 1-(30-minute) follow-up
  • Email/messaging access with Kelsey for the duration of the month.
  • Ideal to establish healthy eating patterns, or for those who would like to try an Elimination diet, improve gut health, or target health issues at the root cause
  • Additional visits or continuation of a monthly nutrition membership can be purchased after your first month with Kelsey**
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MRT/LEAP program

3 Month Package

Price: $430 x 3 months 

  • Includes the Mediator Release Test (MRT) which is a blood test for 170 different food and chemical sensitivities
  • 4-5 nutrition consults with Kelsey to implement the LEAP protocol over a period of 3 months
  • Email/messaging access with Kelsey for the duration of the 3 months

Learn more about MRT/LEAP here

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**Additional Months:  $150/month: Includes, 1 (30-minute) follow-up (in-person or virtual) And email/messaging access with Kelsey for the month for accountability

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