Dr. Emily Cordes is a board certified Internal Medicine and Pediatrics physician. She brings a passion for helping people find the root causes and reverse chronic diseases, especially metabolic issues like improving blood sugar and she has a special interest in functional medicine for auto-immune disease. We’re excited to introduce her so we asked her some questions:

Why did you become interested in Functional Medicine?

My osteopathic medical training was founded in finding and reversing the cause of chronic disease.  However, I found that practicing conventional medicine, in general, labels chronic medical problems without finding the root cause.  I found Functional Medicine as an opportunity to prevent and reverse chronic health problems.  

Special Areas of Interest

Metabolic health, Diabetes, and Weight Management

Thyroid and Autoimmune Disorders

Wellness Optimization, Performance Medicine and Longevity

Why did you decide to join Root?

Joining Root was an easy decision for me. Root allows me to practice the type of medicine I am genuinely passionate about.  I truly believe that food as medicine has the power to change lives. 

When are you the happiest?

I honestly find a lot of joy in life’s daily routine: specifically my morning cup of coffee, exercising, walking my dog and cooking dinner.  However, I am happiest outside, preferably in the mountains (bonus if I’m downhill skiing). 

What is a health tip you personally do?

I track my sleep pretty religiously with an Oura ring, my favorite “health gadget” that I’ve tried.  A good night sleep is foundational to every other healthy habit that is part of my day.  Tracking my sleep has allowed me to personally experiment with the timing of exercise, specific supplements, meditation, etc, which has helped me to get a better night of sleep on a regular basis.  I feel like I can tackle anything during the day when I’ve had a good night sleep!

What is something you can teach us about?

The Gut-Brain Connection!  Our gut and what we eat is intimately tied to our emotions, and more than just the joy you get when you eat your favorite food.  Everything we eat can either help or hinder our microbiome in its attempts to alter our mood through chemical messengers.  

What do you want clients to know about working with you?

My goal when I work with a new client is to meet them where they are at by hearing their whole story and walking with them on their journey towards wellness. 

What’s the best part of you job?

I love helping other discover the cause of their individual chronic health problems and working with the team at Root to put together a personalized plan for healing.  And that I get to talk about food all day!