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Total Transformation Program

Total Transformation Program

Wellness done for you.

The Total Transformation Program is a 3 month program with everything you will need for a total wellness transformation—as close as you will ever find to “wellness done for you”. It includes everything from our Get to the Root Program and more: functional testing, doctor and dietitian visits, health coaching, and personalized meals shipped to your door. It's our full functional medicine program plus a personal chef (who knows how to create an anti-inflammatory diet!) for 3 months.

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Total Transformation Program

Don't Worry, we're here for you

This program has the best of everything Root offers to truly transform your health.
Erica Armstrong
Erica Armstrong
MD, IFMCP, Founder of Root

What it is

  • Lab evaluation done before the first visit(s): biomarkers for nutrition, detox, blood sugar balance, full thyroid panel, inflammation, detailed lipids (estimated value of our Root panel ~$2100)
  • Functional stool test and functional cortisol testing to be reviewed in month 2 of program 
  • 1 hour monthly consult with doctor and with dietitian each month for 3 months
  • Personalized Wellness Plan including nutrition advice, supplement recommendation, tips for stress and sleep, your own goal setting/tracking
  • MRT food sensitivity testing + Custom Meal Plan 
  • Personal chef delivered meals: 2 servings each of 5 individualized meals per week for 12 weeks, designed from your MRT results following the Root protocol for MRT shipped to your home  
  • 2 health coaching sessions a month for 3 months

Who it's for

This program would be great for anyone who wants to optimize their health in the easiest, most supported way. People who could really benefit from the Total Transformation program are people who may have:

  • Inflammation
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • IBD
  • Fibromyalgia
  • No diagnosis, but just not feeling as well as possible
  • Endometriosis or other Period Problems
  • Hypothyroidism
  • PCOS
  • Weight/Metabolism concerns
Or, those who are simply ready and willing to invest in their best, long term health.

This program is available throughout most of Michigan. All sessions are done virtually via video for the ultimate convenience. Those outside of Michigan who are interested in the program can contact our office for more information. 

Spots are limited. Click the link above to complete our online application and our team will follow-up with you! 

*This program includes the costs of all testing, food, clinician visits so you do not have to worry about any additional lab costs unless you choose to add even more testing (most will not need anything else). We did NOT include the cost of optional supplements because this is personalized based on your preferences and health goals.
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How it Works:

Upon sign up, we’ll coordinate your initial Root wellness blood panel and MRT food sensitivity testing and schedule your first visits. We will also gather your comprehensive health information and meal and taste preferences. As you complete your new member questionnaires from your health portal, we’ll be working hard behind the scenes to gather all of this information & discuss it with our team in our weekly meetings so you’ll have multiple experts on your team. We’re all rooting for you!

Our Root wellness panel is reviewed with your doctor on the first visit, and the MRT food sensitivity test results are reviewed with the dietitian on your first visit. The week after your MRT results are reviewed with you, we’ll start delivering your personalized meals and will continue to deliver them over 12 weeks, advancing your diet per our Root MRT protocol and your progress. You’ll also meet with our health coach to help you achieve your lifestyle goals.

In the second month, you will review your cortisol and stool tests during your doctor and dietitian visits and reassess your treatment protocols based on those results. You will also have two additional sessions with our health coach. 

In the third month, you’ll have your wrap up visits with the doctor, dietitian and health coach where we create your ongoing wellness plan. You’ll have the option to continue in our Stay Grounded maintenance membership if you choose!

The Total Transformation Program is high-touch and completely personalized, with weekly visits from our team if you choose—up to one doctor, one dietitian, and two health coaching sessions per month. This close interaction with our entire team gives you the full Root experience! 

We are Root
We're a team of doctors, dietitians, and chefs who solve PCOS, thyroid, and gut health problems at the root cause.

We empower you with the right information for a healthy lifestyle and healing from the inside out. We support you through our online community, our healthy ready-made meals, and tried and true supplements straight from our own clinical protocols.
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