The PCOS Symptom Reversal Method

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The most comprehensive course for understanding what is driving your PCOS, how to fix it at the root cause, and reverse your PCOS symptoms to feel your best. The ONLY course taught by functional doctors, dietitians and chefs who specialize in PCOS.


Before we tell you about this life-changing course, let's talk about who exactly this is for:

Whether you're a woman who: 
Tried many different things and wonder if this one will actually work, or...

Just received your diagnosis and are wondering where to start, or...

You’re now ready to take action to heal naturally.
You’ve probably been told, “Just lose weight.” or “Go on birth control and Metformin to manage your PCOS and come back when you want to get pregnant.” 

Or you have thought “I guess this is just how life is for me,” but deep down know there has got to be a better way.

This course is best for women who want to get started, but are confused by all the conflicting information out there about diet and lifestyle.

The PCOS symptom reversal method course will give you action steps that give you results, like: 

  • More predictable, stress-free periods.
  • Saying goodbye to food cravings and hello to more energy. 
  • We’ll set your game plan for balancing your hormones with easy, sustainable steps.
What are the results of balancing hormones at your Root Cause?

  • Improving overall health
  • Lowering inflammation
  • Losing the stubborn weight that happens because of the hormone imbalance
  • Reducing/eliminating symptoms of high androgens like acne, hair loss, and hair growth where you don’t want it
By the end of this program you will:

Be empowered with the steps to take now and to continue making changes on your own even after this program is done.

Know a sustainable, healthy way to prepare meals best for PCOS.

Have a supplement regimen that actually works and helps heal root causes of PCOS

Have a handle on PCOS symptom triggers, like stress, sleep, and nutrition.

And, if you implement the steps you will have: greatly improved food cravings, energy, mood, digestion, period regularity, skin. We see this with these steps ALL the time! Nearly all of our clients also lose weight if appropriate for their body.*

*These results are individualized as each person is unique, but this is what we have seen with our steps over the last 3 years.

What's Included:

Module 1: Overview of PCOS by a Functional MD - What no one has ever explained to you. Finally, this makes sense. Get started on your lifestyle checklist with our functional dietitian.

Module 2: Root Causes of PCOS - What’s driving your symptoms? Figure out your own root cause so you can start to heal.

Module 3: Nutrition 101 for PCOS - No fad diets. No gimmicks. Focus on what you should ADD to your diet. P.S. you can actually do this method long term and it WORKS.

Module 4: Meal Planning and Prep - Set Up Your PCOS Friendly Kitchen. You CAN feel confident in the kitchen. Apply what you learned in module 3.
BONUS: Cooking videos from our executive PCOS chef!

Module 5: Nutrients/Supplements. Available early so you have time to order and get started while learning. There is a ton of CLEAR info here that you can review again. We sort through the supplement noise and tell you what actually works and why. You’ll be able to create your own supplement regimen based on your unique needs.

Module 6: Lifestyle, stress, exercise. We go over stress management tools, what a realistic exercise routine looks like, and even some tips on a better night’s sleep. 
BONUS video: yoga with Grace, certified Yoga Instructor with training in Yoga for Women’s Health, and fellow cyster.
BONUS: 28 day sample workout schedule

Module 7: Functional testing, how we can help. What’s next? Do you need options for more functional testing - which ones are available and why would we recommend them. 

AND… throughout your course, access to a Private Root Community of Fellow Cysters and message board right on our course site!


How much time will this take me?

Each week has video presentations lasting up to one hour. The important thing about this course is that we know that our steps work and we won’t make you watch hours to figure them out.  Each week also has homework meant to supplement learning and put what you learned into action. You can also take this course at your own pace if you need more than a week to get through each module!

Can I access this course outside of the United States?

Yes! Finally we can offer our protocols and information to women everywhere. Please note, this course is in English. Some of the supplements recommended in this course may not be available outside the U.S.

What if the PCOS Symptom Reversal Method doesn't work for me?

We hear a variation of this question often in our 1:1 programs. Many of our 1:1 members have seen multiple practitioners with no luck before coming to Root. If this sounds like you, you may have not been helped in the past because the practitioners you were seeing likely didn't specialize in PCOS, you weren't given clear guidance, or reasonable steps to achieve, or the tools to reach your goals. The PCOS Symptom Reversal Method is the exact process our doctors and dietitians have used to help hundreds of women with PCOS. We turned our process into a course to reach more women, like you! 

Still wondering if this will work for you? Try changing around that question - What if it DOES work for you? Are you ready to take charge of your PCOS, balance your plate, your hormones, and your life?

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