Consultation Program

Dietitian Consultation

Dietitian Consultation

One Hour Session with a Root® Dietitian

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Dietitian Consultation

Don't Worry, we're here for you

This 1 hour consultation will give you the knowledge and tools you need to feel empowered to make sustainable changes.
Amy Masterson
Amy Masterson

What it is

  • 1-hour virtual visit with a Root Dietitian
  • Learn Root's nutrition philosophy and how to apply the Root Plate ™
  • Focus on nutrient dense foods to include, rather than foods to eliminate
  • Personalized goal setting based on your main concerns
  • Includes our Root Foundational Meal Plan with recommendations for stocking your kitchen, meal planning and prepping, and over 20 recipes.
This visit does not include testing. We utilize our Root Wellness Panel and gut health testing in our signature Get to the Root Program. Personalized supplement recommendations will be provided if desired.

Who it's for

  • Anyone looking to optimize their health using a food first approach
  • Those that are confused about nutrition advice
  • Those who want to balance their blood sugar and improve energy throughout the day
  • Those just starting their functional medicine journey, as nutrition lays the foundation for continued success

We are Root
We're a team of doctors, dietitians, and chefs who solve PCOS, thyroid, and gut health problems at the root cause.

We empower you with the right information for a healthy lifestyle and healing from the inside out. We support you through our online community, our healthy ready-made meals, and tried and true supplements straight from our own clinical protocols.
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