Are You Optimizing Your Thyroid?

Are You Optimizing Your Thyroid?

We are going to help you go from confused to confident by teaching you our proven framework for optimization of hypothyroidism by implementing a root cause approach with nutrition and lifestyle changes that are sustainable long term.

Join us December 16 for this 15 minute webinar to learn if you're optimizing your thyroid.

Are You Optimizing Your Thyroid?
Can you imagine a life where….
  • You had energy to not only get through the day but to truly THRIVE
  • You were free from hair loss, constipation, achey joints
  • You didn’t struggle with anxiety, depression or mood disorders 
  • Your weight didn’t hold you back 
  • You felt empowered to advocate for yourself at health care appointments 
Watch our 15 minute webinar to learn how to optimize your thyroid and feel your best.
Presented by Dr. Emily Cordes, DO, IFMCP
Emily is board certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and has completed extensive training through the Institute of Functional Medicine. She believes that each person has their own wellness journey and she partners with you to discover the root of symptoms.  She believes the body has the ability to heal itself through the power of nutrition, movement, stress reduction and sleep.
Cooking, Fitness, Downhill Skiing, Cycling, Hiking, Gardening, Spoiling my Labrador Retriever

Favorite Foods: Coffee, Dark Chocolate, Tacos (w/ guac!)

Favorite thing about working at Root: Practicing at Root allows me to truly get to know each person, put the puzzle of symptoms together and then create a solution as a team (Root member/Physician/Dietitian).  This is how I always imagined I would practice medicine.  Plus, I get to work with an awesome team and talk about food all day! 
We are Root
We're a team of doctors and dietitians who solve PCOS, thyroid, and gut health problems at the root cause.

We empower you with the right information for a healthy lifestyle and healing from the inside out. We support you through our online community, digital meal plans, and tried and true supplements straight from our own clinical protocols.
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