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Going into the New Year, many of us have plans to eat better, but what does eating healthy really look like on a personalized level?

What works for one person, might not work for you. We are sure you know someone who has followed the ketogenic diet or even a vegan diet and popped a daily multivitamin and has felt fabulous. Maybe you went on to try one of those “lifestyles” and felt terrible and like it was unsustainable. Your genetics, lifestyle, level of physical activity, and biochemical labs can give us an indication of which diet/lifestyle might work better for you.

At Root, we challenge one-size-fits-all nutrition protocols by practicing n=1 nutrition and using functional lab testing.

We want to help you figure out exactly what your body needs by testing, not guessing.

At Root, we will always put food first when it comes to optimizing nutrition, but we do recommend high quality supplements when needed. Unfortunately, most of the over-the-counter supplements at the store are in poorly absorbable forms and many contain artificial ingredients and food dyes, which could actually make your symptoms worse.

You also might be wasting your hard-earned money on supplements that you don’t really need.

We want to get you feeling fabulous in 2019 by getting you started on a nutrition plan that is 100% tailored to your biochemistry, which is why we are now offering a preventative 60-minute nutrition visit with a full micronutrient panel as part of our wellness offerings.

The micronutrient testing panel includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, anti-oxidants, omega 3 levels. The test can reveal your functional nutrition status (how your cells are actually using and absorbing the nutrients) over a period of 4-6 months.

This would be great for:

Steps to sign up:

  • Register for your Nutrition Visit ($175) by clicking here.
  • We’ll order your Micronutrient Panel and have the lab kit shipped to you.
  • Have your labs drawn by lab appointment. Bring your insurance information for the labs.*
  • Schedule your visit with our dietitian via the patient portal for a couple weeks after your lab draw. This visit can be in person or virtual.
  • At your 60-minute appointment, we’ll review your results and your personal nutrition goals, and make targeted diet recommendations along with possible supplements.**

*Most insurance will cover a portion of the labs unless they are listed here. The remainder of the bill will vary based on your individual insurance plan and deductible, but your micronutrient lab cost should not be more than $199 if using an insurance other than one on the list.

**This visit is focused on prevention. If there are specific medical conditions, Kelsey may ask that you follow up to address these in our Medical Nutrition Therapy package.

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