Functional Medicine and Nutrition Plans

PCOS/Fertility Nutrition Program

$ 1047

  • 3 month program with dietitian.
  • PCOS initial lab panel. Biomarkers of inflammation, nutrient levels, metabolic panel, testosterone, DHEAs levels (estimated value of lab panel is $2100)
  • Option to add functional labs, MRT food sensitivity testing*
  • Nutrition assessment by RD with extensive PCOS training and experience
  • Two 1 hour follow up appointments with RD
  • PCOS meal planning
  • 3 month payment plan available ($387.77/month x 3)

*at an additional, transparent cost
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Get to the Root

$ 2247

  • 3 month program with Doctor and Dietitian including important functional labs
  • Ideal for solving health problems (thyroid, PCOS, gut health, fertility)
  • Optimal for those who prefer ongoing support
  • Lab evaluation:  biomarkers for nutrition, full thyroid panel, inflammation, metabolic panel. (estimated value of our Root lab panel $2100)
  • Includes functional stool test to be reviewed in month 2 of program (estimated value of stool test $400)
  • Option to add functional labs, MRT food sensitivity testing*
  • 1 hour monthly consult with each MD and RD
  • 3 month payment plan available ($832.22/month x 3)

*at an additional, transparent lab cost
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Comprehensive Functional Consult

$ 2400

  • 1 time consult with both Doctor and Dietitian including functional labs and MRT food sensitivity testing, plus our proprietary MRT food program.
  • Ideal for gut health and food sensitivities.
  • Optimal for those who prefer a consult and advanced testing and can implement the plan on their own.
  • Root Lab evaluation:  biomarkers for nutrition, detox, blood sugar balance, full thyroid panel, inflammation, detailed lipids.
  • Also includes MRT food sensitivity testing and functional stool test done before consult
  • Total estimated lab value $3100
  • 1.25 hour consult with dietitian to review MRT test and create food plan based on results, followed by a 1.5 hour consult with MD to review lab test results and target treatment plan.
  • Saves $400 by combining functional testing upfront with consultations
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Fertility Consult

$ 450

x 1 payment*
  • Ideal for fertility nutrition evaluation for men or women, pre-conception planning, nutrition for egg quality, 90 days pre-IVF.
  • Fertility lab panel done before consult
  • 90 minute consultation with fertility dietitian
  • Wellness Plan
  • Fertility meal planning
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Please read the terms of our plans:

Virtual Visits:

Root has transitioned to online only consultations in 2021. All programs can be done virtually!

Billing questions:

Fertility consult and Comprehensive Functional Consult: the cost is billed at sign up.

Monthly Programs (PCOS and Get to the Root): the cost is billed on sign up. We also offer a 3 month payment plan.

We offer to spread out the cost of our consultations and labs to a 3 month payment, though much of the work and costs are upfront. Because of this, we cannot accept early cancellations of the monthly visit plans.

More Billing Info:

  • We accept credit/debit and can accept HSA/FSA for the cost of our monthly office visits and our included lab panel. Optional additional functional labs may be ordered outside of Root (directly through lab companies) and are not included in Root fees unless specified above in plan details.
  • We do not accept insurance for Root consultation fees. We also cannot provide receipts for insurance. However, we can provide receipts for HSA or FSA. We serve people, not insurance companies – read more about why here
  • Monthly plan visit fees are auto-debited about the same time each month.
  • If you are in need of financial assistance, we also accept and you can apply on their website for this card which can be used to cover your costs at Root Functional Medicine.


Your initial lab panel is included in your plan cost for every plan as specified above. We also offer additional, functional specialty testing such as food sensitivity tests (MRT), gut health testing, adrenal and hormone testing that you can add to our monthly plans at an additional, but transparent cost. (Check program details above to see which of these tests is included in your program).

All testing is optional, but it is very helpful, and it is not typically available in conventional medicine, so most clients take advantage of this opportunity. Clients have spent from zero to >$1000 on testing depending on unique needs. The average investment in labs we have seen from clients is about $400.

Plan length:

Monthly plans start from the day of the first visit and last the duration of the 3 months plan of your choice.

Scheduling visits:

We will do our best to schedule your next visit at the end of every one of our visits – often alternating between seeing your doctor and dietitian. We can also arrange your visits with each specialist on the same day. 

If we are unable to schedule your next visit immediately at the end of your current visit, please take a look at our online schedule via the portal and submit your appointment request or send us an email or a call us to help you schedule if needed. It is up to you to take advantage of your monthly visits with each specialist. We’ll do what we can to help keep you on track.

Not primary care:

We are functional medicine specialists and operate in a true functional medicine model of care. We cannot replace your primary care physician. We’re not available for same day or acute issues, or for insurance related physicals that are best provided by your primary care doctor.

Ongoing relationship:

Although we can’t be your primary doctor, you have options to keep working with us after your plan has ended. You can renew your current plan, or choose a different plan. 

Need more info? Want to find out which plan at Root is perfect for you?