Are you ready to take charge of your PCOS?

Are you feeling frustrated and confused about the best way to manage your Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)?

Are you sick of being told “just lose weight and your symptoms will improve”? (if only it were that easy).

Not to mention the other annoying symptoms you probably deal with on a daily basis…

  • The weight gain no matter how healthy you try to eat or how hard you exercise…
  • Growing extra hair where you don’t want it and losing hair where you do want it…
  • The skin problems no matter what new skin care regimen you try…
  • The carbohydrate cravings…
  • Irregular or heavy periods….
  • Listening to other women complain about their period thinking you would do anything just to get yours for once…
  • The anxiety over trying diet after diet only to end up back at square one…

Then there's the diet confusion

Should I be totally avoiding carbs? Do I need eat Keto? What about gluten and dairy? One webpage says to eat raw vegan and the next says to eat only what your ancestors ate.

It’s no wonder you are confused.

Most of the information on the internet is NOT evidence based and does not take into account your unique biochemical makeup or your past relationships with food.

Not to mention that even if you read about what you are supposed to be doing, sometimes it’s hard to implement things on your own.

We are here to tell you that it doesn't have to be so hard and that you don't have to try to navigate the confusing and conflicting advice alone.

Join us for a 3-month individualized PCOS nutrition coaching program.

This program is for women who:

  • Are fed up with their PCOS symptoms affecting their daily lives and are  highly motivated to make nutrition and lifestyle changes (both for  women trying to conceive and not)
  • Are ready to play an active role in improving their health
  • Are willing to cook most of their meals at home and try new foods
  • Recognize that healing is a process and doesn’t happen overnight
  • Believe their health is worth investing in

What You Get

$299/month x 3 months


1 (60 minute) Nutrition Assessment

with a Registered Dietitian with extensive PCOS training and experience.

Custom food and supplement recs

(option to add on online PCOS specific meal plan with virtual shopping list for a small monthly fee)

3 (45 minute) follow-up visits

over the course of 3 months

Weekly messaging check-ins

with a Registered Dietitian with extensive PCOS training and experience.

PCOS lab panel

including hormone levels, thyroid labs, and other biomarkers to target your nutrition plan

Encouragement and support

from someone who gets it

We’ll coordinate your initial lab draw and assessment! We look forward to empowering you to take control of your health.

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