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Thank you for your interest in becoming a new Root member! We have experienced a high volume of inquiries, so spots may be limited. This application does not sign you up for a program. It communicates important information and assists us in helping you find a program to fit your needs.

Currently, we are able to work with people in MI and CA. If you are outside of those states, you do have the option to travel to us for your first visit to establish care in Michigan.

We will respond to your inquiry within 48 business hours by email and/or phone call. If you do not hear back, please check your spam/promotions folders and send us an email to confirm we received it. We respond to every application. Thank you!

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In the spirit of honesty, transparency, and respect, we need to discuss costs of a true functional medicine root cause approach.

If you join Root, you’ll be joining a practice where the doctors have less than 3% the volume of a typical medical doctor’s number of patients. We will think deeply about your case before and after your visit and review your case with our dedicated team of functional medicine experts.

This level of care requires an investment. Please acknowledge the following:

In our "Get to the root" plan, you are committing to the 3 months plan. The plan cannot be cancelled early.

The cost of our programs is transparent on the Consultation Programs page.

Please read the terms of our plans including billing and insurance questions.

We do not accept insurance. Root is functional and not conventional medicine.