How It Works

Ways to work with Root:

Get to the Root of your health concerns by working with us 1:1 in one of our plans, nourish your body and mind with our balanced fully-prepared meals via Root Farmacy, or access advanced testing and professional grade supplements via our shop page.

Or, do a combination of the above and start living your healthiest life.

Just need a one time consult?

  • If you, Choose the Wellness MD consult: This plan is focused on prevention, health optimization or preconception planning. Review your Root wellness panel lab results with the doctor during your visit.
  • If you, Choose the Comprehensive Functional Consult: this plan includes functional testing for gut health and food sensitivities done before your visit as well. These labs are done before your visits with both MD and dietitian.
  • Work together with your specialist to create a wellness plan (and a customized elimination diet plan in the Comprehensive Functional Consult).
  • If you’d like more support to solve health problems, you may then enter one of our monthly packages.

Get to the Root Plans

First Visits

Review your initial lab panel. Tell your story. Begin steps toward wellness. Option to order additional functional labs based on discussion and your preferences.

Functional Medicine labs are very detailed, are often sent out to a functional testing center and take about 2-3 weeks for results.

Start your personalized food as medicine plan. Consider adding Root Farmacy meals to help you through an Elimination diet or to start balancing your hormones with food.

Second Visits

We will plan to review the results of functional labs in detail at our follow up visit, where we will check-in, review results, optimize your wellness plan and target treatment as needed.

Third Visits

We will assess how your treatment plan is going, make adjustments as necessary and complete your overall wellness plan.

Or, enter the next phase of your food plan, gut health repair, detox or adrenal support.

Fourth Visits

We’ll find out where you need support in your wellness plan and modify as needed for your unique lifestyle or any symptoms that need re-addressed. Review your functional medicine matrix looking for imbalances.

Fifth Visits

Healing is happening. You’ll have the option to order retesting to assess improvement or any need for changes.

Sixth Visits

Review results from re-test. Finalize your wellness plan for long-term health.

Note: We recommend a 6 month plan for clients when no one you have seen before has been able to solve your health problem.  We’ll work with you and dig for root causes, and develop a personalized healing plan. For help choosing between 3 and 6 months plans, please contact us.  


Throughout your package, You have weekly email access to your doctor and dietitian in order to stay on track with progress and ask questions that come up between visits.

What’s Next

At the end of your plan, we’ll help you with the next steps. You may choose to renew your current plan, or enter a longer plan such as our Stay Grounded 12 month membership ($150/month) that is meant to be a maintenance plan, only available to clients who have completed a Get to the Root Plan. 

Ready to Work With Us? Take a Look At Our Plans!